Consulting Division


We will use our solid knowledge and experience to analyze our customer’s problems in multiple ways. Just trying to streamline operations in the short term is not a solution. Based on the long-term perspective of the industry, we will propose the best solution.

ICO Consulting

Although ICO has raised interest as a new method of raising funds, the essence is "execution of project". Based on the issued token, we aim to disseminate the project to the world and get approval.
In this service, we will spend time sufficiently to determine requirement definitions and specifications, propose the correct method for ICO, provide tokens, provide know-how and technology until up to exchange listing, and support financing.


Exchanges dealing with virtual currency continue to be in an unstable state, causing price fluctuations and hacking incidents to be repeated many times. OZOZO connects customers and exchanges smoothly by making full use of expertise and know-how related to exchanges.

Development Division


Technological progress such as AI, IoT, block chains, etc. show exponentially rapid changes. OZOZO responds quickly to these changes, and we will continue to make R & D always ahead of us in order to make further progress, and continue to create innovation in the technology field.

Blockchain development

The blockchain gave the social impact enough to be said as the next revolution of the Internet. That system with high transparency and impartiality has the potential to promote democratization of information. The use of blockchain technology is not only limited to encrypted currency, but also as an enforcement for various projects. OZOZO will research and develop blockchain technology to solve problems in every business and society.

Create Smart Contract

We will create a Smart Contract using our automatic creation software. Customize the templates according to the category of your business type and create it through the process of deploying to the Blockchain Network. In order to further develop the function of this software, we are still conducting research and development.

Marketing Division


The Corporate marketing environment is changing drastically. Responding to these changes, we will develop and provide innovative and comprehensive solutions through planning and strategy for communication, promotion and to solve the problems that companies face.

Market needs survey

In the market, we will investigate and find important needs that existing products have not yet met. Compare existing products and products of other companies and find common values and characteristics behind consumer behavior and consumer psychology using statistical analysis method.

Product development support

Analyze customer's assessment of product’s concept and extract all factors that can determine the evaluation. And, among them, we will optimize factors to better sell products and support product development.

Media Division


Innovation happens when intellectuals gather together. OZOZO cherishes the sharing of knowledge through information dissemination to the world and information sharing with the world, only because every industry changes rapidly.

Planning and management of conferences and meat-ups

Where pairs gather, new ideas are born. OZOZO will hold conferences and meet-ups to share knowledge with the world


Knowledge shared by OZOZO with the world will be disseminated to the world through books. Leaving the shape as a book for the next generation is essential for the prosperity of mankind.