We will build a framework of society where people can live easily

The industrial revolution and the information revolution in human history accelerated capitalism and created economic disparities. The problem in economic disparity is not simply the difference in the share of capital but in the structure and thesystem of society where the capital is not properly distributed to the place where it is worth. The problem exists in variousfields such as medical care, welfare and education. Due to the growing interest in the virtual currency in recent years, the flow of capital has gradually changed. Block chain technology, the fundamental technology of virtual currency, makes it possible for all valuable things and people's activities to be easily distributed. However, as you can see in recent years the volatility of the market price of the virtual currency and hacking incidents, problems still exist in the way of its development. So, we will support the appropriate development of virtual currency. By visualizing the value and enhancing liquidity, we will build a framework of society where people can live easily.
In this way, OZOZO will be a new OS for human beings that can update social institutions and values, and will support the long-term prosperity of mankind.


  1. We will spread the value of every person and everything in the world.
  2. We will build a society where people and technology coexist.
  3. For customers and employees, We will be the most satisfying company in the world.